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Underwear Costumes Gallery
Check out the new Underwear Guy Underwear Costumes Gallery where you can view all the outfits I've put together over the years across all sorts of themes. There's tons of gear featured in the photos and I talk about each item and the inspiration for all the visuals.

Men's Underwear Guy Interview
I answered some interview questions for the guys over at You can check it out on their site and learn more about me there.
> Underwear News Brief Men's Underwear Guy Interview

Want to learn more about Underwear Guy? I've updated an "About" page where you can read more about the guy behind the scenes of this site.
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Another review posted tonight, it's something more wild for you adventurous types.

Major underwear shopping haul this weekend! I hope I can review it all within a reasonable amount of time for you guys to learn about what I purchased.

I've added a new section in the reviews template to include official Product Photography images. I've started adding those images to all my latest reviews and will go back and update older ones with the new content as time permits.


Here's my take on the Amazing Spiderman costume with a much more risque approach using underwear in my video tutorial.
It was fun to explore a bad guy character for this look and the Joker has a lot of fun way to interpret the look. Check out the video tutorial for underwear and face painting tips.
Learn more about this Museum Replicas leather brief homage to the 300 movie Spartans in my video review.
My take on The Dark Knight with an underwear twist. You can learn how to replicate this look in the Video Tutorial.
I have fun exploring a very different version of the well-known Superman Character costume in the video tutorial.
I'm offering a sneak peek at an iconic professional in our daily lives, an underwear outfit for the UPS Delivery man is explored in my video tutorial.


Magazine Article Image"Should men over 50 wear briefs? I read a comment on a Men's Health blog, by their female correspondent, that men over 40 should never wear briefs. Do you agree?" - SQ

Read the answer to this question and many more in the > Reader Questions Archive


Wondering how all those enhancing underwear styles work? Not sure what thongs are best for the office? Not sure which designer has the right pouch size?

Read up answers to all these questions in the
> Underwear Guide Archive.


Underwear PublicationIf you're interested in learning more about the history of men's underwear fashion or simply looking to gain inspiration from photography featuring men in undergear you can read up on relevant print and digital reads in the > Publication Reviews Index.


Underwear Advertising ImageFor nearly as long as Men's Underwear has been a garment throughout history there has been advertising imagery created to help sell it to consumers. From yesterday's magazine insert to 10-year old catalog images you'll find a variety of men's underwear images featured in the > Advertising Archive.


Dugas UnderwearYou already know about Calvin Klein and Hanes but have you ever heard of Dugas, Toot, DMK or Modus Vivendi? Check out some of these lesser-known international brands making their mark in the men's underwear industry in the
> Featured Brands Index


Underwear StoresWith over a decade of underwear shopping experience, I've purchased from dozens of retail stores both online and brick and mortar. I can give you the heads up on the best stores for selection, pricing and service. Check out the first close-up look in the
> Featured Stores Index