Hi readers, it's been a while since I've written to you directly and I realize it's been far too long! Some of you might know me from when I ran the original Men's Underwear Guy site a few years ago. The site was successful by most measures and I always appreciated you, the visitors and readers of what I had to share about men's underwear. As time wore on I felt I needed a break and I decided to retire the site as my own personal life and work took up more focus and free time disappeared. Things aren't necessarily any less busy for me these days but with the break I've been able to come back to the site with a refreshed energy and motivation to launch something bigger and better than before!

For the old readers you'll notice the totally new design from top to bottom of the site, it's been more than a few months of hard work to bring things to the level that you see them now but I'm happy to say I think it's worth it!

For those of you who are new to my site I welcome you and thanks for visiting! I hope you have as much fun reading about men's underwear as I have writing about it.

Although I may have taken a break from building and writing on the site my passion and interest in men's underwear has only gotten stronger over the last few years. I've had fun keeping up with all the latest designs and buying tons of underwear every week! I think the men's underwear industry is going through a second phase now where things are maturing and designers are working to differentiate themselves more now that they have more established brands. This just means there's more variety in materials and designs than ever before which makes me excited to choose this time to return to covering a subject that is so diverse, fun and interesting.


What's your favorite style of underwear?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer since I have so much fun with almost all types, cuts and designs of underwear. It also depends on the type of activity and time of year what my favorite style might be in the moment. Generally speaking I like low-rise briefs for most occasions since they are supportive, functional and available in an almost limitless variety of colors, fabrics and variations.

For special occasions it's a totally open field but I certainly enjoy more exotic and unusual cuts and fabrics like thongs from Gregg Homme , wrestling singlets and running tights from N2N Bodywear and leather gear from Priape.

How many people work on the site?

This is a single-man operation with myself executing all the design, coding, writing, photography and graphics on my own. Perhaps some day in the future I'll be able to include others to contribute but for the short term I'm happy to keep this as a personal project.

How much do you get paid to write about underwear?

I don't get paid at all for writing on the site. I purchase all the underwear I review out of my own pocket and do not get compensated for any of my reviews. For those of you considering running any sort of blog or website my advice would be to not plan on it being a full-time job that can replace your day-to-day income. I pursue this as a passion of mine and an opportunity to share my many years of underwear buying experience and knowledge.

How many pairs of underwear do you own?

Honestly I've lost count after the first thousand pairs. It would be a crazy task to manually count the total number of pairs I have but suffice to say I could wear a new pair of underwear for every day of the year for at least 3 years by now.


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