Finding the right fit for you.


The fit of the pouch in any given pair of underwear is certainly subjective and also a very personal opinion in some cases but there are some basic trends I’ve noted while reviewing such a broad range of underwear and I thought I’d provide some guidance to better allow you to pick what underwear might be the best fit for you. Every designer has made a choice to measure out the pouch design to a certain specification and this fit category can be consistent across an entire line such as Unico or range a lot as with Pulse Underwear. To best reflect the overall rankings I’ve added notes under each designer logo for either a “Consistent” pouch fit across the majority of the underwear produced or “Ranges” which means that within the baseline rank there are variances from style to style or cut to cut. I divided the scale into 3 sections covering Roomy, which would be an above-average pouch size, Mid-Range which would be about average and Snug which is tighter or in some cases means no pouch at all. I can’t emphasize how tough it is to rank each label on this scale since there are so many variables. As a result I would consider this a general guideline rather than an absolute rule. I have worn at least 1 pair of underwear from every listed label and in most cases several pairs in different styles to cover the full gamut.



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