High performance underwear should be able to take some harsh wearing conditions without breaking down.

Strong fabrics with very durable stitching will hold up to athletic activities or outdoor work on a regular basis.

Laundry care should be easy and compatible with high water temperatures and regular bleaching.
Strong rated underwear will likely be found at a price premium but the extra longevity of the garment will be worth the price.

Strong microfibers or cotton blends will hold up to regular machine washing and occasional bleaching or strong detergents.

This type of underwear will be excellent for all-day every-day wear.
Average underwear is where the majority of items will fall. Every-day wear often falls into this category with medium-weight fabrics and good construction.

You’ll be able to wear this underwear all-day five days a week.

Washing machine care and regular detergents should be OK.
Delicate underwear won’t hold up to frequent all-day wear and is probably best used for special occasions, lounging around the house or sleeping in.

Care should be taken when washing these garments to extend their longevity.

Materials may be on the lighter-weight side.
Fragile underwear should only be worn for special occasions and probably only by itself as the friction from outer clothing may hasten the breakdown of the fabric or construction.

Underwear that is too fragile may not be worth the time and effort unless the style and design is particularly interesting to you.