The office is where many of us spend the majority of our time and as such you should expect strong construction, comfort and classic cuts like briefs, squarecuts, boxerbriefs and occasionally mini briefs.

Traditional fabrics in understated colors and patterns are typical.
Underwear for all-day wear needs to be comfortable for a broad range of activities as well as durable. More likely you’ll find briefs and squarecuts in this category.

Compatibility with machine washing and drying should be expected.

100% Cotton, Cotton/Spandex blends and microfiber blends are typical.
Underwear for a night out is going to emphasize lift and shape of your package and butt as well as comfort.

A signature waistband with a flashy design wouldn’t be unusual to find in this category.

Style will be important but it won’t be flashy with too many design elements.
Sleepwear underwear often consists of lighter-weight fabrics in medium to full coverage styles.

More functional than stylish, you will likely find utilitarian colors or patterns in the sleepwear ranges.

Sleepwear doesn’t have to emphasize lift or support features as much as freedom of movement.
Comfort and ease of wearability are priorities for loungewear.

Medium-weight fabrics are typical although for fall and winter season designs you may find more heavy-weight fabrics are also an option.

Cuts can vary from briefs to long johns and colors can range all over the spectrum.
Erotic wear is all about making you feel confident and sexy.

Specialty fabrics, unusual colors and more revealing cuts are typical.

Longer-term wearability and durability are generally secondary priorities.

Lifting and enhancing your package or butt are typical features.
Athletic underwear is designed for movement, heat disappation and cooling.

Briefs, squarecuts and jocks can be found in this group.

Construction should be durable and hold up under frequent machine wash and dry cycles.

Fabrics should be smooth and prevent friction against the skin