I've already put together two videos covering my face painting product recommendations as well as the underwear I had fun researching for this look. I'll be adding more videos to this series to talk about the costume accessories before the weekend is over.


Joker Underwear Costume Image
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The Joker is such an iconic character which makes pulling together a look that most people will understand and recognize quickly a fairly easy task. I took inspiration from the core elements of the Joker but didn't base it on any one particular characterization of him. It was a lot of fun to explore a bad guy for once! Check out the complete Buying Guide below for more details and links to help you put together your own Joker Underwear Costume.


Joker Underwear Costume Breakdown
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This look was easy and fun to put together without requiring any special painting or extra modifications of clothing to complete the look. I went with more muted tones in the overall color palette rather than go with more neon green and bright colors that the comic and animation styles tend to use.

Elegant Minerals Face Paint
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Elegant Minerals Face Paint

Purchase Elegant Minerals at: for $10-$13 (varies depending on quantity and type ordered) for $10 (varies depending on quantity and type ordered)

You can, of course use any other type of non-toxic face paints recommended for a costume look but I personally steer away from grease-based paints that are so common on the market for Halloween. I have no alternative options that I feel comfortable recommending so explore what works for you and let me know in the comments below!

Face Painting and Hair Color Product Recommendations and Tips:


Joker Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Replica Prop Cards
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Dark Knight Movie Joker Replica Prop Playing Cards

Purchase these cards at: for $13

These are a full deck of playing cards with images meant to replicate the various cards used by the Joker in the Dark Knight movie. You should be aware there are only 4 unique images on the face side with the same black and purple graphic on the back of each card. The total deck of cards consists of the same 4 cards reprinted several times.

I haven't ordered from the site referenced below for the alternate cards but they are unique in offering 11 different images and not just 4. The set is a total of 11 cards and not a full deck made up of reprints.

Movie Prop Replica Joker Cards Overview:

Alternate Option

Dark Knight Joker Replica Playing Cards
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Purchase the Joker Calling Cards Replica Props at: for approximately $14


Joker Vest & Neck Tie Set
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Men's Olive Green Vest & Neck Tie

Purchase this item at: for $23

I wanted to go with a vest that was a specific desaturated olive green color rather than a bright "cheerful" green. This vest is actually a full set that includes a tie and pocket square made of a matching material. For the price it's hard to beat the quality you get from this garment. I was happy with my purchase. If you would like a brighter green they have several different shades available from the same manufacturer so have fun picking the one that works for you.

I've highlighted an alternate vest & Neck Tie option made by Brand Q which is a similar olive green color but doesn't have the stripe pattern and has a more matte finish to the material.

Alternative Option

Brand Q Olive Green Vest & Neck Tie
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Purchase the Brand Q Vest and Neck Tie set at: for $20

Vest Overview:


Merona Purple Leather Gloves
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Merona Purple Leather Gloves

No longer made.

You'll have to swallow your pride guys and deal with the fact that you'll be buying and wearing women's gloves for this part of the costume. It's not a big deal as long as you can find a pair of gloves that doesn't have extraneous flourishes like bows. I much prefer using real leather gloves as they maintain better flexibility and realism over fake pleather or rubber gloves.

Although you can't buy the exact gloves I used in my costume I managed to track down a couple of alternatives that are just as good or even better than my original find. Keep in mind you'll want to order at least a full size up since women's sizes are smaller.

Alternate Options:

Warmen Purple Leather Gloves
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Purchase the Warmen Purple Leather Gloves at: for $26
Fownes Purple Leather Gloves
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Purchase the Fownes Purple Leather Gloves at: for $27


Gregg Homme Voyeur Thong
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Gregg Homme Voyeur Thong

Purchase this thong at:
for $29 for $29 for $29 for $29 for $21 for $38 for $29

Purple is a fun color to have in your underwear range and luckily there are now a broad selection of designers offering many different styles and cuts in purple. I went with the Gregg Homme Voyeur thong since it was provocative and daring but I've included several other options below from the extreme to the tame that you can try out.

Joker Costume Underwear Options Overview:

Alternate Options

Gregg Homme Voyeur Trunk
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Purchase the Gregg Homme Voyeur Low Rise Trunk at: for $35 for $25 for $46 for $35
Gregg Homme Wonder Brief
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Purchase the Gregg Homme Wonder Brief at: for $35 for $25
Boqari Seamless Brief Argyle Purple
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Purchase the Boqari Couture Seamless Brief at: for $20 for $20
Andrew Christian Splash Bikini
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Purchase the Andrew Christian Splash Bikini at: for $15 for $19
Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Brief
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Purchase the Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Brief at: for $29 for $28 for $32 for $34
Joe Snyder String Kini
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Purchase the Joe Snyder Kini Thong at: for $21 for $24 for $20 for $25 for $17


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