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First off just want to say once again thanks to you, the reader. I’m always glad to hear from you and I am definitely reading your e-mails and comments when they come in. I do get very tied up with all the things I’ve got going on that I can’t always get back to you quickly but I still try my best. To help respond to some of the recent e-mails I decided to roll up several of the messages into this entry with my comments and answers which seemed like the best way for me to share the info with everyone. This is just the first of reader comments entries to come as I'm still making my way through all the e-mails but I hope to tackle the next edition very soon.


Hollister Co. El Morro Boxer Brief $12.50
Mundo Unico Classic Boxer-brief $17.00
2Xist Bold Trunk $22.00
Life Underwear Sculptured Pouch Boxer-brief
Have you ever tried the Hollister boxer-briefs? If so, are they worth buying? I can't find a pair of underwear that I truly like I want some that cups the "sac" perfectly and just gives support without Wedgies. I have tried Hanes Trunks in small which is a size smaller than my waste and liked them but they quit supporting after a few wears. I just wondered if you might have a solution.

Thanks for the question, and unfortunately no, I have not tried Hollister boxer-briefs just yet but I’ll try to put that on the list of underwear to try out. You’re right that often the Hanes and FTL boxer-briefs are designed to be quite baggy especially in the back so you can end up with an unfortunate wedgie problem at the end of the day. This is often a result of a looser fit with too much material being cut in the pattern and also a 100% cotton blend that doesn’t hold it’s shape as well as a cotton/lycra fabric that will stretch but also return to its original shape.

To help solve the boxer brief dilemma it’s best to go with something a little more form-fitting that doesn’t have a lot of excess material in the back to ride up. If you want a form-fitting boxer-brief I might suggest you try Mundo Unico ($17.00) underwear as they have a signature pouch design that works very nicely for front definition and they are usually good about not riding up in the back. Just make sure to order a size larger than you normally would because Unicos run small.

Other options that you can find in regular department stores like Macys include the CK Cotton Body line as well as C-In2 and 2Xist’s regular cotton trunks all of which are designed nicely for package shaping and support and do a better than average job of not causing a wedgie problem. For some slightly more affordable options you can try the Life Underwear (Wal-mart) sculptured pouch trunks too.

I think it’s a little tough to find underwear that will really last for years since that’s quite a long time to expect underwear to last but if you do end up going with one of the more pricey designer lines I can recommend that they do seem to last longer as I’ve had good results with my CK body and C-In2 briefs holding up well through a lot of wash and wear cycles over many months. One thing you can do to help your underwear last longer is to make sure to not let the elastic get overheated in the dryer since that can really shorten the lifetime of the material. Also consider gray, black or a dark color that doesn’t necessarily require bleaching like whites do since frequent bleaching can really reduce the lifetime of a cotton/lycra blend.

I think a good question for readers here would be what you think the best every-day wear underwear is for really long-term ownership. Answer the poll below or enter a comment and we can all learn something!



Underwear Brands That Last


Calvin Klein
Life Underwear
Fruit Of The Loom
Mundo Unico
Tommy Hilfiger

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I am wondering why some of the department stores are getting rid of their string and bikini underwear. I know Wal-Mart doesn’t have any anymore and that upsets me. What is going on? I was just at a K-Mart store and it seems like they are getting rid of there bikini line of underwear. I want to take a look at what I am getting before I buy them. I have never bought any on line for fear of getting the wrong size. Plus I don’t think a person can return underwear that has been worn? Not to mention the prices are a little on the steep side for the underwear I would like to get. I just wish there was more pouch brief out there in the stores that offer a good support for a man package. Let me know what is going on. Thanks

Target Merona Brief 3-Pack $7.99
Hello Steven,

I think there’s a mix of things going on here with the availability of fashion underwear like bikinis and string bikinis. Part of it is a natural product and brand cycle like with Target eliminating the Merona line of underwear. Most of the Target stores in my area have stopped selling any fashion underwear and are only stocking their basic briefs and boxer-brief styles in white, black and gray.

I am willing to bet though that in a few weeks or maybe months we’ll see a new brand appear to help fill the fashion underwear niche. Quite often those in-house branded underwear lines are cycled in and out on a seasonal basis. I remember before Target’s Merona Underwear they carried a different brand that was available in a variety of patterns and prints in bikini and thong cuts. Each time I’ve seen those lines disappear they were later replaced with a new brand that provided similar cuts of bikinis and thongs.

It may also be a trend where the department stores aren’t finding the string bikinis selling well so they are pulling them from the shelves but I find that less likely since there has always been a string bikini cut available at one time or another. I do know that not all regions are stocked the same meaning the kinds of underwear cuts stocked in one state in the US might not be available in another based on sales figures or demographics. It’s possible your local region fashion underwear wasn’t selling well and the stores decided to reduce inventory or eliminate the product entirely. Again, I’m not sure if that’s really what’s going on but I’m just throwing out some ideas here that might explain your experience.

You are right that you definitely can not return underwear that has been worn as it is a safety/health regulation. That rule would apply to all physical stores as well as online ones.


American Eagle Low Rise Trunk $12.50 or 2 for $20
Hi, First off, love the site...there is nothing like it on the web...which is a feat in itself.

Second, while surfing the web, I noticed that American Eagle has some nice, new underwear styles...well...basically they have a much larger variety of boxer briefs, some with very short legs and others with longer legs. The price is good (2 for $20), and they look good as well.

Keep up the good work, Matt

Thanks Matt, I will definitely check out the American Eagle boxer-briefs next underwear shopping trip I take. They look pretty cool. I’ll be interested to find out how the fit works out if they are more form-fitting or baggy.


Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog.

I am Jerome Maillet, I have a website in France :

I sell men underwear and reading your reviews is very interesting when I place new orders.

Thank You

Thanks Jerome for the e-mail and I’m glad to hear you like the site! One thing I’m always surprised by is the number of international readers that read the site every day which I think is very cool. Underwear is a very universal thing since a majority of people wear them so I shouldn’t really be surprised. I personally like branching out my purchases and end up ordering from all over the world including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, the UK, France, Australia and Canada. It’s always fun to see the unique ideas that each country brings to their underwear designs/fits.


Hi I have just visited your website... It is very organized. Have you tried this underwear before: Valentino Creations 3- Cotton Rib (anti-bacteria). Tanga

Can you tell me which type of underwear is the most comfortable in hot climate countries? What are the differences between thongs, G-strings and jockstrap?

Thank you.

Sincerely, Ken

Hello Ken, although I do own a lot of underwear I haven’t tried those Valentinos yet so I don’t have a good answer for you there.

There are definitely types of underwear that work better for hot climates so here are my ideas/recommendations.

As a general rule you should stay away from synthetic fiber underwear in hot or humid areas. Polyester and Nylon blends can feel great because they are smooth and soft on your skin but they typically don’t absorb moisture as well as a natural-fiber combination will and the synthetic materials can sometimes not breathe well. I recommend a cotton mesh or mesh blend type of material that provides support but still allows for cooler air to flow through. It also goes without saying that a briefer cut will feel less hot so something in the brief or bikini category is probably recommended. Some examples of natural fiber mesh underwear and styles that I think will work well for warmer climates include:

Undergear Cotton Mesh Sports Brief
Undergear Palermo Cotton Mesh Bikini
Undergear Cotton Milano Mesh Contour Brief

C-In2 Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief
C-In2 Kinetic Cotton Mesh Brief

To answer your last question it’s really all about how the back of the underwear is designed and the waistband style that defines the difference since the front of a jock, thong or G-string are relatively similar in that they cover a pouch area in front where the male anatomy is covered. A thong will typically have a narrow section of material in the back that widens out towards the top at the join of the waistband. Thong waistbands can be exposed elastic like traditional underwear but they can also have covered elastic waistbands that are thinner like a bikini.

CK Body Thong

Example of a thong with a traditional elastic waistband.
Circa 72 Donat Sport Thong $15.00

Example of a thong with a thin, covered elastic waistband.

G-Strings are usually a more minimalist underwear cut compared to a thong with a small pouch in front and a very small, thin elastic waistband that is like a “string”. The string in the back that connects to the waistband is also usually very thin and made of the same material.

Gregg Homme White Tracker String Thong

Example of a g-string.

Jockstraps were originally designed as a sports-specific support undergarment that athletes wear to keep everything in place while doing participating in various activities on the playing field. Traditional sports jocks have very wide waistbands, sometimes over 2” tall with a cottom pouch that is kept in place with leg straps that connect at the base of the pouch and circle around the backside to attach to the waistband on the sides.

In the past 3 years it has become much more common to find fashion jocks which function similar to athletic jockstraps but will typically have a slimmer waistband like regular underwear, smaller leg-band straps and a variety of colors.

McDavid Jockstrap

Example of a traditional sports jock.
Kyle Fly Front Jockstrap

Example of a fashion jock.
Male Power Jockstrap

Example of a fashion jock with thin leg straps.


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