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Open note to the readers: Thank YOU! Compliments, Skimpy Underwear recommendations, Wedgie-Free Undies and Low-hanging Problem-Solving Underwear.

Hello underwear blog readers, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written back or responded and as usual I have to apologize for my lateness. Things continue to be crazy-busy in my life so it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the questions and comments but I want to say they are very much appreciated and I really care about everything you have to write since it’s your participation that helps keep things lively and interesting on the blog. I wasn’t able to respond to all the e-mails or comments in this latest post but at least it’s a start and rest assured I will be working on writing up more as soon as possible.

Thanks again!

Underwear Guy


You have a super website I came upon through an internet search about Hanes premium briefs. I've been a boxers guy for years. Now, I'm switching over to briefs again. I'm in North Carolina, and a buddy of mine in Minnesota is helping me select different types of briefs to purchase. We talk about briefs several times a week, and he makes suggestions on what to purchase. We're definitely going to use your underwear website to find me some new briefs.


Thanks for reading Brad and for sending the e-mail. Always great to hear that the website content is useful for other people to make purchase decisions!

Thanks for all your hard work and I’m so glad I found your site. You have already saved me money and opened my eyes to the new line from hanes-the texture fabric.

Best to you and yours,


Dallas, TX

Hello Pat, thanks for reading and it’s great that you were able to gain some useful purchasing insights through the site!


Help me pick!

I have made some bad picks. I am 5-11 173lbs, with a 32 waist. I bought 6 pair [of underwear] and can stand only 1 or 2. Jocko swimmer jock size s/m and a Franco thong. Talk about tight and constricting. The Calvin Klein pro stretch feels great though. I love jocks, thongs, and skimpy looking undies, but some are just to tight and I am by no means big in the package dept. What brands or styles should I avoid. I hate wasting money. Your help is much needed!


Hello Steven,

This is a challenging question to some degree since fit can be a very personal choice. From what I understand you are looking for underwear that is minimal in coverage but has a comfortable design including a reasonable pouch that is good for every-day wear. In an effort to help you find some underwear you are happier with I have compiled my top 10 picks for thongs and jocks that you might find enjoyable and wearable through a variety of activities. I try to only make recommendations that I have first-hand experience with but I don’t own every one of these items so I have noted which ones I own or do not own in parentheses. The order of the listings doesn’t reflect any particular level of my recommendation.

1. Mundo Unico Microfiber Thong (Do not own)
I own the classic stretch cotton thong version as well as the boxer version in microfiber so between those two I believe I can recommend this microfiber thong. The pouch on Mundo Unico is definitely going to be snug but if you like a good profile these are a good bet. As with all Unico/XXX items make sure you size up e.g. if you normally wear a medium order a large.
Mundo Unico Microfiber Thong

2. Mundo Unico String Bikini (Own)
Another Unico item that I like a lot is the string bikini. Available in a variety of colors and prints my current favorite is the Andes print.
Mundo Unico Andes Caribbean Bikini

3. C-In2 Fashion Jock (Own)
C-In2 brings fashion and fun to the jockstrap with a great variety of colors and prints in a classic jock design. I really like the one that I own and it’s very comfortable for regular and active wearing.
C-In2 Fashion Street Jock

4. C-In2 Bamboo Jock (Own)
The bamboo mesh material is extremely thin and revealing but also very soft and stretchable for good all-day comfort. New colors are also available so try them out.
C-In2 Bamboo Jock

5. C-In2 Kinetic Mesh Street Jock (Do not own)
I have the Kinetic Mesh low rise brief which is very comfortable and I believe the jock should be equally good for all-day wear. The mesh material is light-weight and soft to the touch.
C-In2 Kinetic Mesh Jock

6. N2N Tropic Bikini (Own)
The Tropic Line from N2N has a very roomy pouch so keep that in mind in regards to overall fit but the material is very comfortable and the colors are fun.

7. Calvin Klein Body Micro Modal Bikini (Own)
I just bought this bikini brief and it’s a great very thin and light-weight bikini that fits nicely and feel like you’re almost wearing nothing.
Calvin Klein Micro Modal Bikini

8. Mansilk Silk Knit Sport Bikini (Own)
I reviewed this bikini before and gave it very positive marks so I would recommend giving this item a try if you like a soft material blend in a cut that is minimal in coverage.
Mansilk Silk Knit Sport Bikini

9. Oboy Bikinis and Thongs (Own)
This is a broad recommendation since there are many OBoy bikinis and thongs available to purchase. I own several items from this German-based label and store and have yet to be disappointed. The styles and designs cycle out very quickly but some basic tips include always size up as these are tight cuts based on a European model that is very thin and keep in mind the pouches are typically on the snug side.
OBoy Sin Thong
$23.00 (approximate)

10. 2Xist Classic Thong (Do not own)

Based on what I’ve heard and read, this y-back thong from 2Xist is a classic design that wears well for a variety of activities. Unfortunately the color options are limited, but classic white or black can still be nice.
2Xist Classic Cotton Thong

Readers, here's a chance for you to weigh in on the recommendations. I realize there are plenty of other options out there not included on the list but given the selection highlighted here, which is your top pick?




Of the top 10 items listed, which do you vote as the best?

Mundo Unico Microfiber Thong
Mundo Unico Sport Bikini
C-In2 Street Jock
C-In2 Bamboo Jock
C-In2 Kinetic Mesh Jock
N2N Tropic Bikini
Calvin Klein Micro Modal Bikini
Mansilk Silk Knit Sport Bikini
Oboy Bikinis & Thongs
2Xist Classic Thong

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Wedgie-Free Undies

I'm trying to find some underwear either biknis or regular briefs that do not ride up and give me a wedgie. I currently wear life brand bikinis and they constantly crawl up. Any suggestions or advice to help prevent the wedgie?

Hello Hanes Man thanks for writing.

Another kind of tricky question to answer. The dreaded wedgie problem can be a constant challenge when purchasing underwear. I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a one-size-fits-all solution here and I don’t know if there is. My theory is that the source of the problem with underwear that rides up in the back has to do with a mis-match on the amount of material and the shape of your backside.

If there is more material than necessary then it will want to automatically start to “creep” between your cheeks in the back and thus causing a wedgie problem when walking or getting up from a sitting position. I would definitely try out something in a slightly thicker weight material that is reasonably body-conforming in the back. Some of my favorite every-day wear underwear that I have personally not had underwear creep issues with include the C-In2 No-Show Profile brief, Mundo Unico/XXX briefs and CK Body Hip Briefs.

C-In2 No-Show Profile Brief
Unico Classic Suspensor Brief
Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief

All of these items are fairly snug (particularly Mundo Unico) which is what does help with the fit but keep in mind that this might require some adjustment on your part if you are used to more loose-fitting underwear. Readers, it would be great if you had some suggestions on your experiences with either wedgie-free underwear or wedgie-prone underwear to avoid by adding your comments at the end of this post. Hope this helps Hanes Man and let us know if you have any luck with some better-fitting undergear!


I have low-hanging balls that get in the way, if you know what I mean. Sitting down, I have to adjust myself or they hang visibly, or worse yet, I could even sit on them (yikes). Do you have any recommendations on what underwear would lift them out of my way? Some of the "enhancers" seem like they could help, but I don't want anything uncomfortable.

Thanks for your help and keep up the great blog!


Hi JC, thanks for reading the blog!

I’m not going to be able to speak from experience here since I don’t personally have low-hanging balls but I can try to offer some items that I think would work better based on how I know the cut and pouch fit work. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what kind of underwear would work best and I don’t believe any of the sling or show-it options really fit the bill here. These tie-up mechanisms are fun and workable for certain periods of time but I find them difficult to wear for several hours at a stretch. So as an alternative to the tie-up feature I think a pocket or c-ring panel could work quite well for you. For regular, every-day wear underwear with a pocket my top recommendation for your situation is the AussieBum Wonderjock:
AussieBum Wonderjock
$25.00 (approximate including currency fees) Product Page
The pocket that is created in the pouch seems perfect for your problem since it will help keep your balls up closer in a more compact pouch while still being wearable for long periods of time.

Another very similar underwear item that includes a pocket-lifting pouch design is the UDY Wonderman line:
UDY Wonderman Brief
$44.00 (approximate) Product Page

These are very pricey underwear items clocking in at over $40 per pair and I should note I have not ordered or worn these but I believe they would work very similarly to the AussieBum Wonderjock. I have only seen the UDY Wonderman line available at

I’ve reviewed the California Muscle Komodo Bikini and they also have a Komodo Trunk that includes a separate front panel that you put your package through to create extra lift and shape:
California Muscle Komodo Trunk
California Muscle: Product Page
The Komodo line is reasonably priced with the boxer coming it at $25 and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Last but not least is a clearance item from OBoy which is on its way out although you might still be able to order a pair depending on your size: Activesport Territory underwear:
Oboy Territory Brief
$16.00 (approximate) (no longer available)

I haven’t worn these brief and squarecut style underwear items but they are clearly a riff off of the AussieBum Wonderjock and they are on sale for a very low price. The European sizing means you should absolutely order a full size up as a minimum. I can’t guarantee these options will completely solve your problem but I think they may be a good option to at least try out.

Hope this helps and happy underwear purchasing!


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