What's enhancing you? Reader questions regarding underwear that lifts, defines, shapes and just about everything else to make you look better in the package department.


I’m still working on answering the many questions that come in but I’m making progress and I’m honored that readers care about my opinions enough to the extent they have questions to ask! Today’s Reader Edition covers just two questions since I had so much to say in the answers and the article was getting fairly long otherwise.

Men’s profile enhancing underwear for men has advanced leaps and bounds over just the last few years and now there are numerous ways to help shape and define or otherwise give you that extra lift in the front. Reader Chet had a multi-part e-mail that spawned a general review of all the options out there-so read on and keep writing!

Underwear Guy


Hi Underwear Guy

I've enjoyed exploring your site and reading the reviews, especially those that mention underwear with pouches that have extra room; always having trouble finding enough room for "the boys". I was curious to know if you've had a chance to try the N2N line since your review of the Tropic Boxster? They have a rather pronounced pouch now in their NHance line that provides great room and support.

I've also found the offerings at Cocksox and Ergowear to be very much to my liking. I think you'd be doing a service to all your fans if you'd give us your opinions about these designs. I know some of your readers regard any "unusual" technology (enhancers, big pouches) as silly and "false advertising", and I suppose I can understand where they're coming from. But honestly, don't their protests say more about them than they do about the underwear or the guy wearing it?? Are they really such size queens (or so insecure) that they can't handle uncovering a smaller package than the wrapping would suggest??

There are a reasonable number of us out there that are simply looking for comfort and couldn't really care less what any audience may think about the size of our "stuff". I'm sure we would all appreciate hearing your informed perspective on the options for our situation; even if you don't particularly care for any of them yourself, you may be leading someone to their Holy Grail (of underwear). Please keep up the good work!

Thanks Much,


Hello Chet,

Thanks for reading the blog and for sending the e-mail. I like to be as responsive as possible to reader requests so after your message I made sure to review several different N2N Bodywear items, the latest being the Tropic Boxer with the NHance pouch you mentioned. Hope you like all the reviews I’ve published so far.

To touch on your other request regarding enhancement underwear I though I’d go through a quick review of all the enhancement styles of underwear in case there are any readers unfamiliar with the options.

There are several types of enhancement designs out there with what I see as 4 different methods/categories for making things appear more nicely packaged or more prominent up-front.

1. Rings and Straps

The first and most common is the cock-ring or as C-In2 calls it: sling. This is a method where a strap of material circles the base of the penis and most importantly your balls which keeps your package from being pushed back between your legs. This has the effect of keeping more of your anatomy in front of your legs and thus more full in the package. This enhancement option works very well and can be implemented with underwear that has a strap built-in like with C-In2 slings, Andrew Christian “Show-It” briefs, California Muscle Underwear and the Priape Jockstrap. You can also simply buy c-rings standalone at many stores online as well as the “ball-lifter” strap from

My verdict on these straps is that they are great for short-term use and wear but they tend to become uncomfortable past 3 hours. There is also a bit of an issue getting in and out of the straps that are attached to the underwear which can be annoying at times. Of the options listed below I like the C-In2 and Andrew Christian versions the most.
PriapeWear C-Ring Jock
C-In2 No Show Sling Brief
Andrew Christian Brasil Jock with Show-It Technology

California Muscle Gizmo Thong
WildmanT Ball Lifter

2. Pocket Pouches
The second, package enhancement option is a pouch style that operates in many ways like a c-ring but doesn’t require a strap encircling around the base of your penis and instead mostly deals with the lower half of your package, meaning just your balls which is where the enhancement affect matters most. I think we are all familiar with AussieBum’s Wonderjock line of underwear and swimwear which pioneered the pocket-style enhancer. UDY underwear and OBoy have followed suit with similar enhancers built into selected lines of their garments. Of all the options this is probably my favorite since it is very wearable for all-day activities, is relatively easy to get in and out of and is still comfortable.
AussieBum Wonderjock
UDY Wonderman Brief

3. Enhancement Pouches
Third option for enhancement is providing more room up-front and shaping the pouch to leave your package to rest more freely although still supported. This method is a little vague since there are various ways of implementing the concept but N2N Tropic underwear is a good example as well as Ergowear X3D, Obviously Underwear, C-In2 Bamboo Trophy Shelf, CockSox, Joe Snyder and MalePower underwear in general. This method can be hit or miss in that I’ve found it really depends on the dimensions of your anatomy to make the effect work well. My favorite of this style is probably the C-In2 trophy shelf although I like the MalePower underwear line as well.
Ergowear X3D Trunk
Obviously Underwear Brief
CockSox Bikini Brief

C-In2 Bamboo Trunk
N2N Bodywear Tropic Thong
Male Power Brief

Joe Snyder Bulge Brief

4. Padding
The fourth option currently available regarding package enhancement is the padded approach. This option is available from Gregg Homme’s “Push-Up” line of underwear, Undergear's Padded line as well as Go Softwear’s padded jockstrap. I have tried all three styles including the “Push-Up” jockstrap and boxer-brief from Gregg Homme, the Undergear brief as well as Go Softwear’s padded jockstrap and found that they do indeed enhance your profile. The reason this option isn’t my favorite is that it creates an unnatural looking profile with everything being smoothed-over and if you’re not careful, the padding can be identified from the outside of the underwear. I will say the underwear I’ve tried is definitely comfortable and very easy to put on or take off since all the technology is self-contained. Probably my favorite of these three is the Gregg Homme Push Up brief since it's very comfortable and well-made and has the most engineering and thought put into the push up design.
Gregg Homme Push Up Boxer
Go Softwear Padded Jockstrap
Undergear Padded Brief

Since Chet asked about my general opinion I would say that I think it’s perfectly fine for a guy to wear underwear that has any of these enhancement options and there’s no need to feel embarrassed or silly wearing such undergear. Enhancing your overall look through clothing has been a common tactic for both sexes for decades. As far as undergarments are concerned, it’s been many years that women have utilized all manner of techniques to improve their curves and it’s about time that men have had some options of their own. How visible the package enhancement is on the outside underneath your clothing is of course debatable but I think at the core of wearing any kind of underwear is how it can help you feel more confident about yourself. Confidence is sexy and if it gives you a little boost mentally because you’re wearing something to help you out downstairs then I would say go for it!




So readers, I know that was a long answer but now is your chance to sound off. Have you ever tried package enhancing underwear? Follow-up question: Of the 4 major ways you can enhance your package which one is your favorite?

Have you ever tried wearing specialty underwear for male enhancement?

Yes I have worn package enhancing underwear.  
No, I have never tried any specially-designed enhancement underwear.  

Which one of the 4 enhancement options do you like the most

Rings and Straps
Pocket Pouches
Enhancement Pouches

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What would you recommend, the C in 2 trophy shelf line or the sling support?


Hello Joe, thanks for sending in your question.

Between the two options you asked about I personally like the Bamboo line with the Trophy Shelf package enhancing design. The Bamboo mesh fabric is very soft and stretchable and the Trophy Shelf design although perhaps not quite as effective as the sling is much more comfortable to wear throughout the day. Interestingly enough I prefer the Racer brief cut over the Slider for overall fit.

C-In2 Sling Brief C-In2 Bamboo Racer Brief


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