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Hello blog readers.

It's been quite a long time since I wrote anything direct to you outside of the regular reviews. I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to read, share your opinions and of course send in your comments and questions. Things continue to be incredibly busy for me with my regular work outside the blogsphere but I have such a passion for writing and keeping up with the men's underwear fashion realm that I always carve out time to keep adding new content. It's been over a year since the first entry started the site and now there are over 150 entries with most of those covering individual reviews of all types of men's underwear from thongs to boxer briefs. I won't be stopping anytime soon as I have tons of new underwear to review and you'll continue to see more news and reviews posted every week.

Something the long-time readers may have noticed is the site redesign that I went live with recently. I updated almost all the graphics and refreshed the colors and styles seen throughout the site so hopefully things are visually more cohesive and a bit more refined over the last version. I'm always looking for ways to improve the site beyond adding more content with mini-features like the pouch fit icons, the detail fabric photos and the wearing recommendations. I'm throwing around a variety of new ideas for the site and I imagine you'll see which ones make it to the surface over the next few months so keep checking back!

I have tons of reader comments and questions to catch up on and I'll do my best to get back to as many of you as possible in some form or another. I've included some recent reader e-mails below along with answers and comments. Please read and have a great day!

Underwear Guy


Hey Underwear Guy!

I really enjoy your site/blog very much. The reviews are much more in depth and honest then anything you can find on a website selling the product or a box. That being said, it makes me buy more underwear. After you have an honest review there is much less to worry about when buying underwear online. For that I thank you. I was just wondering if firstly, you have tried the new N2N Jock (personally a big fan) and secondly if there is any way to search based on the category ratings. For example if you were looking for something that scored well in the "erotic- bedroom wear" category is there a way to search that will list all of the highest rated products first? Just wondering! I personally have no problem spending some time looking through them but when it comes to buying time a quick review of what's good for the gym, bedroom etc. might be useful! Keep up the great work! If you ever need another reviewer on underwear I could always offer a second view!


Pouch Fit:


N2N Bodywear Waistband Jockstrap
Price: $18.00
Sizing: True To Size
Where To Buy: Product Page
Hello Chris,

Thanks very much for the positive response to the blog. I appreciate the feedback as it helps motivate me to keep putting in the time and effort to continue building new content. To answer your questions, yes, I do have the new N2N Waistband jock-in charcoal gray in case anyone was interested. I like the design very much and it's a very nice fashion jock to wear with an excellent fit and eye-catching design.

Regarding your note about finding reviews by category/scores that's a great idea and something I've been thinking about for a while. I've come to realize that as more pages are added to the site with each review, the means to navigate through all those pages becomes increasingly important. I am working on adding more ways to get to content with a new menu on the sidebar for viewing reviews by manufacturer/designer. Your feedback is really helpful and I'll see what I can do to improve searching even more.

At some point I would definitely like to allow for more external reviews of men's underwear by other writers. In the mean time if anyone has tried a specific item and wants to share their opinions please feel free to add them in the comments for the individual reviews or e-mail!


Underwear Guy


Hey man I have to say I just found your site and wow it's incredible. I've had an idea somewhat similar to yours but not to the in depth and detail you have done. You have done an incredible job. I Love the icons telling what type of undies it is.

You do a great job I have gone in a more underwear slant on my blog lately but not sure where I want to take it. But keep up the good work!


Hi Tim,

Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you've found the site useful and interesting. I recently updated the icons and I'm glad you noticed them, they are a fun part of the site to work on when I get a chance to create new images or add them as features. For anyone wondering, pretty much all of the graphics such as the icons in the reviews and the blog header image are drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then cropped and optimized in Adobe Photoshop.


Underwear Guy


Wow! I love your site!

I have always loved underwear and am glad to read about someone who likes it too. I have a lot of questions though.

What is your favorite style of underwear? Mine is thongs.

What made you want to do this site?

What country do you live in?

Pouch Fit:


C-In2 Tat-2 Low Rise Brief
Price: $22.00
Sizing: True To Size
Where To Buy: Product Page, Product Page, Product Page, Product Page, and Product Page.
Hi Topher,

Thanks for the rave review, I'm glad you found the site interesting and fun. I've edited out some of your questions but hopefully you'll appreciate the answers to the ones I do cover here. My favorite style of underwear is really difficult for me to pick. I know it seems like a cop-out but I think my favorite underwear really depends on the situation, time of day, mood etc. Nevertheless, if I really had to pick just one style I think it would be the low rise brief. If we're talking specific lines, my previous favorite underwear was the C-In2 low rise brief in the green question mark print but after I tried the C-In2 Tat-2 line I now wear those all the time at work and at home. It's unfortunate but I believe C-in2 has discontinued the Tat-2 line but I stocked up like crazy when they went on sale at and you can still purchase them from several online stores so it's not too late to pick up a few pairs for anyone interested.

There were several reasons why I decided to start up the site and it's hard to say if there was any one that was overwhelming. I knew that I probably owned and tried more underwear than most people and it seemed like I had some experience that was worth sharing as I've had many disappointing experiences with many purchases as well as many amazing discoveries worth sharing. Another reason I started this blog was that I thought it would be motivation to stay in shape and exercise. I think it takes a certain amount of motivation to keep doing workouts day in and day out and writing underwear reviews on a regular basis was a good way to keep my eyes off the cookies and my feet running on the pavement.

I live in the US but I have a keen interesting in UW from all over the world. Some of my favorite designers are from Japan and the UK and of course South America.


Underwear Guy


Pouch Fit:


Price: Varies $10.00 - 37.00
Sizing: Small
Where To Buy: Product Page, Product Page. Ebay Seller: Landing Page

Do you know about Good Men Wear (GMW)?

It's another interesting underwear brand from Japan.

A friend of mine from Singapore introduced me to them (I'm from Australia).
They have some unique designs. Check them out at

This jockstrap in particular is a great design - Link

Love your site. Keep up the fantastic reviews.


Hello Rob,

Thanks for e-mailing me and forwarding the links to the official GMW website. I had indeed been eyeing GMW underwear for a while when I first noticed them on the website but until your e-mail I had yet to order any items. After your message I decided to take the plunge and found an eBay seller offering many GMW underwear items at very reasonable prices so I picked up several items to try out including the uniquely designed jockstrap you highlighted. I found that particular jockstrap to be a very fun design that definitely felt different from standard jocks with an X-front waistband-leg-strap combination. Like most Japanese-designed underwear the sizes run small so I ordered a large which worked out in place of my usual mediums. I'll be writing a more detailed review in the near future but I wanted to share your tip with the other readers and let them know about this interesting UW designer.


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