Another one of my more elaborate costumes that involved a lot of elements including a lot of makeup, accessories and hand-made pieces. For my makeup it may not be clear but I did full body paint to achieve the metallic skin tone. It took several layers of face paint to achieve the desired sheen on my face but the end result was quite effective. This was the first time I used a hair spray to color my hair a bright white which was surprisingly effective although the fumes from the aerosol propellant were quite strong as I remember now. One of the dominant elements of this costume are of course the wings which took more than a little work to put together. I searched for interesting and large angel wings but what I found was either exorbitantly expensive or simply not impressive enough by itself. I ended up combining two sets of real-feather angel wings purchased from a party supply store during Halloween which meant they were far more affordable and still decent quality for my needs. In order to get the two wings to hold together I had to employ a massive amount of glue gun work. The other thing I ended up doing with the wings was inverting them which provided a more interesting look than the typical downward-facing direction.

The underwear featured in the image is an older Gregg Homme design from almost 10 years ago called the "Wave Net" line. I purchased the set from MensUnderwearStore.com and you can see the original model imagery below. The fabric is very stretchable and yet fairly comfortable for a net fabric. The holes cut into the fabric are of a varying design that is quite intricate and impressive to see first-hand.

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Underwear Costume: Angel


Official product photos featuring this underwear item.

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Photographer Robert Taliver Jr.
Model unknown

Gregg Homme Waves TrunkGregg Homme Waves Shirt


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