Batman has been a major comic book character hero for decades. He has proven to be one of the most popular and endurable characters that has managed to remain relevant and interesting for decades. Through a multitude of media including Comics, Books, TV, Video Games and Movies, the Batman character has been visualized in a variety of ways. Some of the Batman suit looks have diverged significantly from the source material including techno suits and extreme armour concepts. Regardless of the more unusual incarnations of the batman look the vast majority have stuck to a relatively strict line of black accented with yellow.

I ended up going with an amalgam of Christopher Nolan-inspired themes along with some elements that were closer to the metallic-finish suits of Batman Forever and the dreaded Batman and Robin era. Regardless of the quality of the movies themselves, there were certain aspects of the suit designs from those movies were visually appealing to me. I think the shiny rubber-like finish of the materials which were honestly a bit fetishistic were appealing to me as well as the slight bit of color that was infused in the latter versions with the steel blue-ish tones that came through in the highlights.

I picked out several options for the underwear but ended up going with the PowerLifter thong from Prevail Sport. The great thing about Prevail Sport is that they offer a lot of their underwear styles in a liquid black fabric which looks like rubber but is in fact spandex. The shirt is also from Prevail Sport while the one-sided arm-guard is from SlickItUp.com.

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Underwear Costume: Batman


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Prevail Sport PowerLifter Thong Product Photo Prevail Sport PowerLifter Thong Product Photo
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