This isn't really a themed costume as much as an overall look of total extravagance and decadence that I like to simply call "gold". More so than any of the outfit elements the biggest exercise for me was finding the right fabric and setting up an area that would be totally covered in the over-the-top gold material.

Often footwear makes up an important element in my costumes and in this case I had a pair of metallic red, reflective Nike shoes that felt like a great match for the overall look. It's always fun to throw in a pair of bold shoes with underwear as it creates a cognitive dissonance since it's so rare to wear boots or athleteic shoes alone with underwear.

The thong in this look is a very sheer Gregg Homme Torrid thong which is still easily available from a variety of sites since it's considered one of their staples and hasn't been retired yet. There are a lot of colors available but I felt the red color was a fun and bold option to contrast against the flashiness of the gold fabric.

Although it's possible to find red baseball gloves I couldn't find any that didn't have noticeable black or white accents so I ended up painting these gloves in a gloss red finish that matched the gloss red pleather jacket I purchased at a discount store.

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Underwear Costume: Ram


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