The final underwear costume character I worked on for Halloween 2014 was my take on the CW's Arrow costume. The Green Arrow comic hero character wasn't on my radar given my intense focus on Superman in my teenage years. To be fair The Green Arrow wasn't on a lot of people's radar until the CW network helped raise the character's prominence first with their Smallville show where actor Justin Hartley played the character and then of course today with a standalone show for the character now portrayed by Stephen Amell.


Like most comic book characters, there have been many variations and interpretations of the Green Arrow costume. Of course the green color has always been consistent but the various inspirations that ground the cut and lines of the costume have ranged from a classic robin hood-inspired look to a modern 90s batman tech-style suit.

Green Arrow Character Costume Looks
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From l-r Classic Green Arrow look, New 52 Green Arrow and Smallville Green Arrow

Of course the version of the Green Arrow costume that is most current in many people's minds is the new CW version which is based on a more utilitarian style with a toned down dark-green leather look that owes a lot to styles lines from modern motorcycle gear. In the second season of the show Oliver Queen starts to use a mask that he received from Barry Allen but I decided to go with the first season look which was just dark green/black face paint around the eyes.
CW Green Arrow Costume
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Stephen Amell as the CW's Arrow Superhero Character


To my knowledge the first time we were able to see a live action Green Arrow in costume was thanks to the WB series (later CW) Smallville with the Actor Justin Hartley portraying the Oliver Queen / Green Arrow character. Although not the central character of the show (obviously) there were enough scenes featuring Oliver Queen for us to get treated with a few scenes that were clearly devised to show off the actor's physique in a sexual way (implied nude in the bed no less). It's interesting to note that the scenes were constructed in a way that clearly convey a romantic, almost passively sexual tone to the character (lying down in bed). The Smallville series was geared towards a younger audience and the teen-romance demographic seems to be played up here with softly lit interiors and a very soap opera-esque staging.

Green Arrow Character Portrayal on Smallville
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Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen in Smallville

Post Smallville and post Nolan Batman the CW revived the Green Arrow character with a new show simply titled "Arrow". This new series featured the actor Stephen Amell. It's well known that the actor has taken the physicality of the character to greater heights with an impressive physique. It's notable that the marketing and promotion of this series has unapologetically played up the sexual undertones of the character and actor playing him using reliably shirtless imagery. The show itself tends to favor shirtless scenes for many of the male characters as well with a much more aggressive altitude that implies a more sexual and active role for the character than the Smalville incarnation.
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
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The CW Network Official Arrow Promotional Images


With the growing visibility of comic heroes in mainstream entertainment and media thanks in no small part of Marvel's successful run of blockbuster movies there's been an increase demand for costumes that allow adults to play out their favorite characters. The surge in costume play (cosplay) culture has led to many more manufacturer's getting into the game to fill the large gap in ready-made costume looks that are of higher quality than the cheesy department store costumes-in-a-bag options. That does not necessarily mean all these options are officially licensed and certainly the modern Green Arrow costume I found on Amazon.com was not endorsed by the CW or DC Comics. Licensing issues aside, this costume was a great option for me since it provided a full look with many different elements that I could choose to tailor and adjust for my purposes.

Green Arrow Third-Party Costume
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Assassin's Creed II Costume Elements including the original Leg Avenue costume and the "boot covers"
I didn't have to modify the costume in this case I just simply elected not to use the pants part and clipped the jacket in the back to cause it to stay open when I posed in the photo. For the underwear to complete my look I purchased several options ranging from very risque mesh jockstraps (N2N Bodywear to a full leather pouch and jockstrap from Chez Priape). I ended up going with the leather jockstrap option because I felt like it matched up well with the rest of the overall look.
Underwear Guy Green Arrow Underwear Options
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My Green Arrow underwear options

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Underwear Costume: Green Arrow


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Chez Priape Leather Stripe Pouch


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