I started creating an annual Holiday image about 4 years ago but those images were never shared broadly. I find myself frequently of two minds about the Holidays. On the one hand I understand the negative reaction many people have to the ever-increasing commercialism and emphasis on the objects and paraphernalia of the season rather than the core spiritual and symbolic values of the time of year. On the other hand, I think sometimes it's easy to take things far too seriously and the key is to just have fun and go with the flow rather than try to fight what is ultimately a good will and positive energy.

Many of my images are meant to be somewhat cheesy and certainly a holiday theme begs to not be particularly serious. Instead of doing the traditional "sexy santa" I thought I'd try creating an outfit that was seasonal and yet did not directly scream "Christmas". Going with the red and white candy stripe was a natural option to pursue and I was pleased to be able to pull together such a complete outfit.

Finding underwear or swimwear in the appropriate pattern was tougher than I thought it would be and I ended up going to a couple of less-traveled routes to find my desired thong in a candy can stripe. After much searching eBay seller "Swirl Fashions" and Etsy.com surfaced as offering a couple of useful options. In the photo featured below I used the thong from Swirl Fashions but I must say the fit was lacking quite a bit in the pouch. The size of the front pouch was simply too small and did not cover adequately so I had to adjust it to one side which left quite a bit exposed on the other side (the less than pretty reality of getting a perfect picture). If I wasn't under deadline I would have waited for the Etsty thong which ended up fitting much better with a deeper pouch design that covered everything properly.

The hat was an old purchase from ABCUndrewar.com from the ZAKK lines of men's lingerie and I really like how it helped to create a head-to-toe look. Speaking of toes, the shoes were an unexpected find on eBay and I thought they were completely over the top and perfect for my theme.

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Underwear Costume: Happy Holidays 2013: Candy Cane Stripes


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