With all due respect to the comic book character, Iron Man wasn't at the forefront of most people's minds when it came to superheros. It wasn't until the Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man depiction in the film of the same name that a broader audience fell in love with the character and of course the technology of the suits. The recent round of movies including appearances in The Avengers have helped raise the profiel and status of the Iron Man / Tony Stark character and subsequently fueled a lot of cosplayers to don Iron Man costumes they purchase or take it to the next level and make their own from scratch.


Part of the fun of the Iron Man character is the variety of different suits that Tony Stark creates to solve for specific challenges or foes. Each suit may consist of a minor variation on the red and gold theme or they may diverge significantly and take on entirely different color schemes. There have been an innumerable number of suit looks and designs created over the years depicting a range of technologies, materials and finishes. A quick search online reveals all manner of shapes, sizes and colors used to portray Iron Man over the years from his original comic incarnation through to the latest movies.
Iron Man Suit Depictions
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l-r: Vintage Iron Man Comic Book Cover, the Mark VII Suit from the Iron Man 2 movie and the Mark 41 "Bones" suit from Iron Man 3


With significant appearances in 3 Marvel movies completed and one more underway I think it's clear that Iron Man is now solidly cemented in the public consciousness and pop culture as an iconic and well-known superhero. Not surprisingly, with the rise of the popularity of the character there there have been many industrious Costume Players (cosplayers) who have created very detailed Iron Man costumes to pay homage to their favorite character. When it comes to interpretations of a "Sexy" Iron Man costume, it is of course typical that there are a broad variety of women's options available with all manner of revealing cuts and variations in design. Many of these costumes are not officially licensed by Marvel and are just labeled as more generic costumes even though they are clearly referencing Iron Man in the color and design.
Women's Sexy Iron Man Costumes
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All manner of sexy Iron Man women's costumes have been made for sale (some officially licensed and many more that are not)


If you're looking for inspiration for a sexy men's version of an Iron Man costume you'll find little to no real-world imagery. What I did find were a few talented artists who had created their own interpretations of the Iron Man suit and Tony Stark character in various states of undress as a "sexy" Iron Man.

Sexy Iron Man Illustrations
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From l-r: Sexy Iron Man by Dhennis Balontong (Deviant Art Portfolio), Sexy Iron Tony Stark by Joe Phillips (Official Website), and Cosmopolitan Iron Man cover illustration by Ellizjum (Deviant Art Portfolio).


Sometimes my costume ideas require the assembly of many disparate elements culled from a myriad of sources and other times they rely on a single purchase with just one matching underwear item. In this case I had found the perfect metallic red jockstrap that blended in perfectly for the Iron Man Look. The NDS Wear "Kink Master" jockstrap has metal accents that happen to make the jock look like it's made from pieced metal which works great for an Iron Man costume.

The rest of the Iron Man costume was a rather expensive investment taking a full-body costume which was quite an outlay of money. The costume originally included a full-body suit underneath plastic molded armour pieces. Luckily most of the plastic armour pieces were separate from the costume and so I didn't need to modify anything. Getting the pieces to fit properly on my body was a tricky endeavor and involved a lot of hidden tape and making good use of the clear straps that were already built in to the armour.
Disguise Iron Man Mark VI Deluxe Costume
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The Disguise Iron Man Mark VI Deluxe Costume

This particular costume is not practical for moving around in in its current incarnation as the armour pieces want to fall off with fairly minimal movement. I'd have to modify the way the free-floating armour pieces are attached to the body to ensure a more reliable and secure fit and even then it would be a triumph of ingenuity to get that look to hold correctly.

I replaced the gloves provided in the original costume with some slightly nicer versions purchased separately but otherwise the costume involved very few purchases beyond the main armor costume. If there's one thing I feel like I might have left out from this look it's the lack of footwear. I think some big metallic red boots would have been a great addition but as things are in the current image I think the look was successful and definitely a lot of fun.

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Underwear Costume: Iron Man


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NDS Underwear Kink Master Jockstrap Product Photo
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