For the first 3 years almost all of my underwear costume looks and themes had been exclusively heroes or benign characters. It wasn't until I was sharing my batman costume that one of my friends asked me why I hadn't thought of doing a comic book villain. I have to give him credit for inspiring me to try out something different and I'm very happy with the results. The Joker character was his idea but I worked out the execution using my own synthesis of a variety of sources.

The joker character has had many different looks across comic books, television and movies with the recent Heath Ledger version from The Dark Knight being one of the most popular versions right now. The great thing about the Joker is that the character is well-known and it's very easy to create a signature look with the right colors.

I hadn't executed true character makeup until this costume idea came up and it was a lot of fun exploring the different techniques and products that could be used to darken my eyes, color my hair and color my skin.

As is common I wanted to go with a thong for the underwear and as it often happens to be my favorite go-to for men's underwear Gregg Homme had a purple thong available. The Voyeur line is a minimal bare-all design with a thong cut that has almost now waistband and a deep pouch that provides great enhancement.

Overall I was happy with the look and hope to gain future inspiration for other villains in the future!

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Underwear Costume: Ram


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