The spark of inspiration for my Papa Smurf Underwear Costume came from my Instinct Magazine Twitter feed where they featured a Deviant Art contest entry run by erotic artist Dale Lazarov to create images inspired by legendary artist Tom of Finland style. The talented artist who created the image is Alessio Slonimisky who has created a variety of awesome images.

Alessio Slonimisky Smurf Artwork
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Tom Of Finland Smurfs Illustration by Alessio Slonimisky
I had never really thought of exploring the concept of eroticizing the Smurfs characters but the more I researched and read about adult interpretations I found it quite entertaining. It's clear that more than a few people have had fun exploring the concept of a colony of all male Smurfs existing with a lone single female certainly has some homoerotic undercurrents.

The eroticizing of our childhood cartoon characters is a common meme in modern society and certainly for the female character of Smurfette there's plenty of costumes that women have made for themselves. You can readily buy a pre-made sexy Smurfette costume online but of course there's no equivalent outfit for men beyond the more typical comical interpretation of the male smurf character that does not play up any sexual connotations unlike the female version. Rubie's Costume Company offers Smurfette, Smurf and Papa Smurf adult costumes but the dichotomy of the sexuality on display is very stark between the two genders. As with almost all costume products, the women's version is intended to play up the sexual persona while the men's can only be a comical version and never sexual as well.

Rubie's Costume Company Smurfette CostumeRubie's Costume Company Male Smurf CostumeRubie's Costume Company Papa Smurf Costume
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Rubie's Costume Company Smurfette, Smurf and Papa Smurf Costumes

After having reviewed all the options I found that it would be relatively easy to pull together a smurf costume and I decided that it would be most fun to work with the Papa Smurf character given the iconic red pants and hat that are visually striking in terms of color and contrast with the blue character skin.

Luckily there was a suitable (albeit unlicensed) red Papa Smurf costume hat for adults that I was able to easily find on Amazon. The rest of the outfit was collected from eBay with a velvet brief from HotActiveWear4All and velvet leggings. Instead of going with the more cartoon-accurate big fuzzy feet I decided to apply a bit of a twist and go with leather boots. I liked the idea of using a more practical and less comical footwear choice which helped anchor the costume theme in something a bit more serious (thus downplaying the comical factor).

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Underwear Costume: Papa Smurf


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