Fetish and otherwise labeled "kink" gear and underwear has been making small, gradual steps into the spotlight after having been relegated to a dedicated subculture. As awareness of fetish gear has been raised and people are more comfortable with the culture as simply an exploration of interests I think we'll see more and more interesting gear make it into mainstream underwear fashion. Cellblock13, Nasty Pig, Barcode and FortTroff have been helping to introduce fetish gear to a broader audience and they are finding success with an ever-broader variety of undergear items and accessories. I was interested in exploring a fully-realized kink-inspired look that went to an extreme with a head-to-toe look.

I had not purchased or worn Neoprene-based gear before and I was surprised how comfortable and fun the hood and harness felt when wearing. I definitely intend to explore neoprene fabric undergear in the future. If you're looking for any neoprene gear and/or fetish-wear FortTroff and 665Leather are great sources.

Probably the biggest win in my mind was that the "Kink" Thong from Gregg Homme was still available despite being near its end-of-life from a prior release. The red color and pleather buckle accents matched the rest of the gear perfectly and made the outfit feel like one cohesive purchase even though the elements were sourced from different stores. I would advise you to order a size down for a more secure fit if you happen to still be able to track down any of the Gregg Homme Kink thongs (there were several designs).

Through Forttroff I purchased a vast majority of the items including the hood and pads. The football-inspired pads were a fun addition and have a great broad-shouldered look to the outfit. This was my first exposure to Barcode gear and I was very impressed with the fit and quality of the items I ordered.

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Underwear Costume: Red Kink Master


Official product photos featuring these underwear items.

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Model (Forttroff Neo Harness Photos) Jesse Coulter

Gregg Homme Kink Twin Thong Product Photo
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Gregg Homme Kink Twin Thong Product Photo Gregg Homme Kink Twin Thong Product Photo
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Gregg Homme Kink Twin Thong Product Photo
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Barcode Berlin Shoulder Pads Product Photo Barcode Berlin Shoulder Pads Product Photo
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Barcode Berlin Shoulder Pads Product Photo
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Neoprene 5-Strap Harness Neoprene 5-Strap Harness
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