Authority and public service figures create very reconizeable images in our minds as they are invoked in all sorts of media and depicted in real-life and fictional stortelling many times over. The image of the sailor is iconic and instantly recognizeable. Costumes typically exaggerate and extend the elements of a uniform in order to create a visual pattern that is easily interpreted by any other viewer. The use of white for the body of the garments, ornate gold accents and stripes are probably the three elements most important to a sailor uniform. Modern sailor costumes of course are not as ornate or colorful but even now the basic lines and colors are still used today.

For my own underwear costume I had in mind an item that's been on the market for some time made by Coquette which produces a line of "sexy" men's costumes. The Sailor uniform came with the top, cap and pants which were sufficiently detailed for my needs. Of course I knew I needed to swap out the pants for something more interesting and underwear-specific and luckily I found the trunks on eBay. Once I had the trunks in-hand I was able to tell from the packaging that they were from Fantasy Lingerie. I was pleasantly surprised with the detailing, quality of construction and packaging of the underwear.

The underwear is sold in only one size and it seems to work best for a medium to large (I think smaller frame guys might find the underwear would not fit as nicely without additional alterations). The only issue I had witht he trunk was that it was a higher-rise than I would have liked although in this case it worked well for the shirt to be tucked into the wasitband of the underwear.

The anchor prop was a simple purchase from Amazon although I waffled quite a bit thinking I might want to use a classic life preserver instead. Ultimately the anchor won out and I was pleased with the results given the relative simplicity of the overall costume.

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Underwear Costume: Vintage Sailor


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