For 2014 I really wanted to be ambitious for the month leading up to Halloween with three new costumes. The first costume image I published for the holiday month was the Satyr character from the mythologies of ancient Greece (some of my favorite childhood sources of creative story-telling). There's a lot of cross-over between Satyrs and Fauns with a variety of depictions throughout Greek and Roman art and culture. Sometimes the satyr is depicted as a hybrid of a horse and man but it's more typical that he is part goat.

Zagone Studios. I of course modified the legs to expose the underwear section and had to reduce the waist and legs to make them much more form fitting than the original design. The harness element was a fun viking-theme harness originally designed as a women's accessory piece.

For my face I augmented the look with a lot of makeup to blend the tones of the rubber mask with the overall look. It was fun to do something more involved with the combination of mask and face paint.

Flesh-tone colored underwear for men is not terribly common but I was already more than familiar with the color options available in the Gregg Homme Torrid collection that includes a "nude" color. Instead of my usual thong choice I went with the bikini brief cut which was a nice change of pace.
Satyr Costume Pieces
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From l-r first row: Zagone Studios "Goat Boy" mask, "Beast" legs and feet, Leg Avenue Viking Harness
From l-r second row: Allstate Leather Fingerless Gloves and OMP Mountain Man Leather Suede Arm Guard.

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Underwear Costume: Satyr


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Gregg Homme Torrid BriefGregg Homme Waves Shirt

Gregg Homme Torrid BriefGregg Homme Waves Shirt

Gregg Homme Torrid Brief


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