I'll admit Spiderman was never on my radar as an interesting character until the Sam Rami movies came out staring Tobey Maguire. Once I understood the character better and the universe that he inhabits I grew to appreciate and like Spiderman a great deal more. The Amazing Spiderman reboot franchise that is currently running is something I've enjoyed as well. The updated tone and design of the new Spiderman Movies bring just enough new material to the screen to justify watching a new series that started a few scant years after the prior series ended.


Like most comic book heroes Spiderman has been depicted wearing a variety of costume designs. The primary Spiderman suit is of course the iconic red and blue version that has been depicted with a variety of subtle and not so subtle variations in the modern film series. The numerous variants of the suit include versions based on the Carnage character as well as the symbiot Black suit (as shown in the examples below). The suit has always been depicted as skin tight with a fully covered face and a spider web pattern covering the body.
Spiderman Costume Variants
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From l-r: The suit design from The Amazing Spiderman reboot movie featuring Andrew Garfield, a Carnage Spiderman suit from the Video Game for Amazing Spiderman and lastly, the Symbiote Black Suit Spiderman from Spiderman 3 featuring Tobey Maguire.


As I am writing this update in late 2014 there have now been 5 recent Spiderman films as portrayed by two different actors. The first trilogy of movies featured Tobey Maguire who, at the time was not considered an automatic choice for the role as he had previously been known for more "serious" acting roles that did not require the same kind of believable acrobatic action and physical presence of a superhero. This is probably why the first movie devoted a scene to showing off the actor's significantly altered physique that he had obtained through training for the role in order to help establish a certain level of believability that the character could indeed be Spiderman. This scene is brief but it shows the Peter Parker character flexing shirtless in front of a mirror. This scene is clearly not about "sex" or "sexuality" as the character is really just marveling at his transformation so any sexual connotation to be derived is incidental just by the fact that the actor is shirtless in the first place.
Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker
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Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker flexing in the mirror after his spider bite reaction gives him a new physique

In the reboot Spiderman movies Andrew Garfield has taken on the role of Peter Parker / Spiderman. Garfield's stature and some would argue more conventionally attractive facial structure lends a different presence to both sides of the role. Unlike in the first trilogy of movies there is no specific scene created to show off Andrew Garfield's body but there is a shirtless scene nevertheless. In the sequel movie The Amazing Spiderman 2 the only specific scenes of Peter Parker shirtless are brief glimpses of him as part of a montage post-Spiderman duties when he is back at home. These scenes reveal Garfield's physique but again, they are not in any way framed in a sexual context and mostly establish the fact that the actor had a level of muscle mass and definition to make for a believable superhero.
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker
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Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker flexing in the mirror after his spider bite reaction gives him a new physique


As I returned back to this article to research what other explorations of "sexy" Spiderman had been created I found that there had been more explorations of a sexualized Peter Parker / Spiderman than many of the other comic superheros. Perhaps it's because there's been more movies created about this character than any other in recent times or possibly because the character of Peter Parker has consistently been told in context of romance and relationships but whatever the framework it's clear there's been more fan interest in depicting the character in a sexualized context.

Of the three illustration examples I uncovered and feature below it's interesting to note they depict three different guys (two based on the movies) and one that is pure imagination. The first illustration by Dhennis Balontong is of course very recognizable as the Tobey Maguire version of Spiderman. The face adheres closely to Maguire's real-life appearance although the body has been exaggerated quite a bit to portray him as more muscled than he was in the movies which is of course one of the fun aspects of illustration where the imagination can enhance or diverge from reality. The intended sexuality is of course overt in this illustration with very low-riding Spiderman red briefs exposing a lot of skin.

The middle illustration as created by Joe Phillips is a very youthful looking Spiderman but again with an extreme musculature common to comic book artwork. He is presumably in the process of disrobing his Spiderman suit with pants that are overtly and suggestively riding low on his hips in a highly provocative manner.

The third and final illustration is by Steven H Garcia and explores a portrait of a man that appears very Andrew Garfield-esque with the Peter Parker character as he could have looked in the symbiot black spiderman suit. As with the other illustrations the musculature is exaggerated with extreme definition given to his upper body. The gloss highlights emphasize the bulge in the suit to extreme proportions which increases the erotic nature of the illustration.
"Sexy" Spiderman Illustrations
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From l-r: Sexy Marvel Spiderman by Dhennis Balontong (Deviant Art Portfolio), Sexy Spiderman by Joe Phillips (Official Website), and Sexy Black cotume Spidderman illustration by Seven-H-Garcia (Deviant Art Portfolio).


The new Spiderman suit from The Amazing Spiderman had some nice updates to the look with a slightly darker blue hue, more intense reds and a copper-metallic finish to the eye lenses. The movies brought about a new supply of great costume accessories and I was very impressed with the quality of the Disguise Costumes line which included a great mask and set of gloves.
Spiderman Disguise Costumes Elements
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The Amazing Spiderman Movie costume elements by Disguise Costumes

My underwear choice was a thong (of course) from Gregg Homme's "BoyToy" line which was the perfect shade of blue and also had a great semi-gloss sheen that went well with the glossy finish of the mask and accessories. The thong is made from a wafer-thing fabric which is quite revealing but feels great when wearing.

For a complete Buying Guide check out my Spiderman Underwear Costume Tutorial.

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Underwear Costume: Spiderman


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Gregg Homme Boy Toy Thong Product Photo
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