After completing my Darth Vader costume look representing the Dark Side and the Empire I thought it would be fitting (and fun) to work on a Rebel costume for the Light Side. One of the most iconic costumes from A New Hope was the Rebel X-Wing pilot costume which makes an appearance in the last quarter of the movie. Thematically the bright red and orange coloring of the flight suit provides a vibrant pop of color within the movie and contrasts against the muted white, black and gray tones of the Empire. The color story metaphor might not be subtle but it's effective at placing the "dark" and the "light" sides in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Costume
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The Rebel Pilot Costume as worn by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in A New Hope
Once again Rubie's Costume Company provided me with the core elements of the costume with a head-to-toe Rebel Flight Suit costume that included the helmet and white quilted overlay flak vest which would have been the most difficult to make from scratch. As the Amazon reviews indicated, the overall quality of the costume was quite flimsy and not particularly durable. Luckily for my purposes this was OK but I did need to craft a custom accessory to approximate the flares that appear on the boot. I ended up spay painting visor clips and making the holder out of olive color duct tape. The finished piece, while not particularly movie-accurate, provided a reasonable approximation of the look which I knew would translate in the photo. Ultimately the final look didn't use any part of the main flight suit and instead I used a Spalding Athletic Shirt modified to just cover the sleeves.
Star Wars Rebel X-Wing Pilot Costume Elements
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Rubie's Costume Co. X-Wing Pilot Costume, Visor Clip, Duct Tape and Funtasma Costume Boots
I considered a few different underwear options and was close to using a pair of N2N Cotton Tights in bright orange. When I put the costume together in its final form I decided to go with something more revealing and landed on the Modus Vivendi Bon Bon Velvet Bikini Briefs that I had purchased a couple years prior. The color matched up very well with the look and I was happy with the results.

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Underwear Costume: Star Wars Rebel Pilot


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Modus Vivendi Bon Bon Velvet Brief Product PhotoModus Vivendi Bon Bon Velvet Brief Product Photo


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