I'm obviously a comic book superhero fan who likes a lot of the different characters across DC and Marvel universes but if I were asked to pick just one favorite character it would be Superman. I still remember reading vintage Superman comic books when I was a teen and being captivated by the stories and the fanastic tales of the Man Of Steel. It was onlky natural that one of my first superhero underwear costumes would be a look inspired by Superman.

Superman is the quintesential superhero that has endured decades of reinvention with a variety of looks incluing an all-black suit. What remain iconic to the Superman image for myself is the blue suit and red trunks. Despite the modern evolution that dictatest that the "underwear" red trunks are no longer in fashion or relatable, I chose to stick to the more classic look with some minor updating as inspired by the Superman Returns costume.

The latest Man Of Steel movie utilized all-blue bodysuit design and I did enjoy the movie and the costume a lot but it wasn't what I wanted to use for my version. I'm actually a fan of the Superman Returns movie and consider it to be an unfairly maligned entry in Superman Movie history. The darker maroon color that was used for the emblem and briefs worked well in my mind and it was fortunate that my favorite designer Gregg Homme was selling the compelling "Venom" line of underwear that included a thong cut.

The "Venom" line has a great snakeskin embossing pattern in the fabric which gives a great texture that goes well for the updated Superman look which tries to not appear as old-school spandex. Although it might seem like an odd choice to go with snakeskin for Superman it actually translated well as a pattern that gave a little more depth to the overall look. I'm happy with the final result as a tribute to my favorite superhero icon.

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Underwear Costume: Superman


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