UPS has created an iconic look with their brown and yellow uniforms that somewhat inexplicably garners more prominent status as a sexualized figure than FedEx, USP or DHL ever has. Perhaps it's the excitement of a stranger visiting your door or the fact that the delivery man is always bringing something to you while driving a big truck that tends to intrigue and excite people. The dark brown colors of the UPS brand tend to infer more masculine sensibilities and a bit of a working-glass feel than the bright white FedEx brand has ever conveyed.

There are not many brands that seem to speak "delivery man" more so than the UPS company and it's a testament to their legacy as a successful business to have gained such iconic status. The process of coming up with a suitable costume came down to sourcing the right clothing in the matching shade of brown to ensure the "look" would be accurate.

The shirt was a rare Under Armour find that happened to be in just the perfect shade and I was able to use a little crafting skills to create the logo that appears on the chest. Interestingly enough, when I recently created the full buying guide and tutorial for this look, brown underwear was very "in" and it was easy to find many pairs of matching underwear. When I originally put this look together brown fabrics were not very common so I ended up hand-painting a Joe Snyder bulge mini cheek thong in order to get my desired look. The bulge mini cheek thong is one of my favorite underwear items since it's a unique cut that hasn't been replicated by too many other men's underwear designers. The other great thing about Joe Snyder underwear is that each cut is often offered in a broad array of colors which makes it easier to find one of their items that will match the desired costume theme.

Finding an official UPS logo cap really helped to "sell" the full look and was a lucky find on eBay that I haven't seen again since. For a full buying guide and multiple video tutorials check out my UPS Delivery Man Underwear Costume Tutorial.

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Underwear Costume: UPS Delivery Man


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