I realized this last year I had neglected to do any kind of imagery or costume to pay respects to gay pride. I was inspired to do something creative with an animal theme to give the look an extra twist and character. Taking the wolf as a base idea I decided to try to emulate the more elaborate costumes you see worn by carnival dancers.

Often I can find one costume outfit as a base and build it out with just a few modifications. In this case I had to cobble together a variety of accessories and items mostly from eBay and Amazon.com. Finding the animal faux fur paws and feet in the right scale took many days but I got lucky and tracked them down eventually.

The mask required a lot of heavy modification since it started out as a "Big Bad Wolf" costume and I wanted to turn it from a scary Halloween theme into something much more friendly and bright. I ended up hand-painting the entire mask with a variety of metallic acrylic paints to get the final result that I desired. Often I will buy an entire head-to-toe costume for one specific element and not use the rest of it which was the case with the off-the-shelf Halloween costume.
California Costumes Big Bad Wolf Costume
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California Costumes original "Big Bad Wolf" costume

When it came to selecting the underwear for this costume I was somewhat surprised to find that there were not nearly as many rainbow pattern options as I assumed would exist. Considering that gay men comprise a disproportionate consumer base for men's underwear I can only assume either the classic rainbow pattern has fallen out of style as a throwback to decades past or designers and manufacturers are just not interested in producing such a specifically gay-identified item.

Of the options that I tracked down I liked the Gary Majdell swim thong which is available in a broad variety of prints including a classic rainbow pattern in the full range of colors you'd expect in such a design.

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Underwear Costume: Wild Pride Wolf


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Gary Majdell Sport Rainbow Print Swim ThongGregg Homme Waves Shirt

Gary Majdell Sport Rainbow Print Swim ThongGregg Homme Waves Shirt

Gary Majdell Sport Rainbow Print Swim Thong


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