This costume was an unusual exercise for a couple of reasons! 1. The extensive use of body-paint and 2. The age of the underwear elements. I'm surprised how ambitious I was considering this was one of my earliest underwear costume images using full-body paint no-less. I remember how long it took to paint my legs and arms and how much costume makeup I went through. White is a very dififcult makeup color to apply in order to get a fully opaque finish on skin so it took several repeated applications before I had a good base color that I could paint the abstract stripes over.

The other aspect of this underwear costume that was kind of unusual were the garments themselves which by now are failry old. I am a big fan of velvet as a fabric for underwear, it has such a soft and fun feel to it which makes it very touchable and great for fun at-home underwear. The shirt and thong were not matching items but happened to look close-enough that they made a good pairing. The shirt was from an Undergear catalog (2004 Holiday edition to be specific). The brand of the shirt is labeled as "Elee" which was a US-based designer but they are no longer in business.

The original thong item is lost in my storage somewhere so it took some sleuthing to find out what it was. I was able to look up an old archived page on the store website where I ordered it from (ABCUnderwear.com) where it says that it was a swimsuit thong from Male Power. I'll have to keep searching for where that particular thong disappeared to but for now I'll have to rely on my research.

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Underwear Costume: Zebra


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