It used to be there were only a few department stores at the local mall and a small selection of online web merchants that sold men's underwear that went beyond the standard Hanes or Fruit Of The loom white briefs options. Thankfully today there are now select specialty stores with physical locations as well as a wide selection of online retailers selling every-day CK briefs to the most exotic leather and spandex gear as well as everything inbetween. Having spent over 10 years buying underwear I have more than a few insights I can share of my favorite places to buy men's underwear. Customer service is an incredibly important differentiator and it's always helpful to know who offers the fastest fulfillment times, the best responsiveness ot customer questions and the best selection of undergear available. The underwear I wear and include in all the reviews on this site is purchased directly by myself so just like you I care about who I order from. Among a variety of criteria I care about customer service which is an incredibly important differentiator. It's always helpful to know the place you are ordering from can answer your questions promptly and resolve issues to your satisfaction in a friendly manner. The best selection and pricing is also important when choosing who to buy from and you can bet I am always looking for the best deals on everything I buy.

This is a n entirely new section of content that was never in my original site so I'll be writing these reviews from scratch and adding to this library over time. I hope you are able to gain some useful insight and have some new, happy underwear shopping experiences in your future!

Disclaimer: I am not a representative of any of the businesses featured here and can only attest to my personal experiences. I am not responsible for any issues you may have making purchases from these retailers and you should consider the reviews included here as indicators of the type of services you'll recieve but not a guarantee.



Underwear Guy takes a close up look at one of the best line of stores to shop for men's underwear in the US.


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